Thursday, June 2, 2011

Coming Home to a Clean Kitchen :)

Today I went out with my Mother and my Granny for lunch. It was Granny's 86 Birthday! We went to eat lunch and get an ice cream cone at McDonald's...she loves getting a cone there. It was a nice day. Now that I am home I am tired. Mostly it was just hot today and I am wearing some heavy jeans. But, I was so HAPPY to see the kitchen clean when I came home. Thank you ME!!!! I remember this morning thinking to myself that I would unload the dishwasher when I came home, but then decided to go ahead so I could get the coffee cups and breakfast bowls in the dishwasher off the counters. I also made my bed this morning.

Let me say it is nice to come home to a clean kitchen. I picked up a few groceries on the way home so it was great to set the bags on the counters.

I haven't done ANY decluttering today, but spending time with my mother and my grandmother is a good use of my time too. 


  1. You aren't by chance doing Flylady are you?

  2. I recently started making my bed every morning. I've found that it's much more calming walking into the room with my bed made.

    Kudos on cleaning up your kitchen BEFORE you left for the day. For some reason a clean kitchen always lifts my mood. :)