Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't Need the Junk Drawer

Today, I was inspired by Nony at A Slob Comes Clean to clean up the junk drawer. It is something that I just don't think about and let it fill up with crap. Why would I want to have "place" to keep things that need to be put away??? Sometimes I am just amazed at my logic. What to do first? Take a picture for my blog. Let's call this the "Before Picture."

So then I got one of my reusable grocery bags and I just tossed it all in...to get the drawer empty. I was really surprised to see all the sewing needles in the bag of the drawer. I put those in the pin cushion in my daughter's sewing kit. It occurs to me that I need my own pin cushion...although I rarely sew. We shall see.  After sorting out the old pens and numerous emory boards and tossing those into the trash, I started putting things where they belonged. When I was done, the drawer was empty! Nothing left in my junk drawer.

Well for YEARS I have not had enough room for all my kitchen towels and dish rags. Now I do! The junk drawer has been re-purposed for something I actually needed. Woo Hoo! And here is the after pic.

I'm sharing this post over at A Slob Comes Clean for her May Decluttering Update. Thanks for letting me link up. Hopefully my decluttering will really take off like Nony's!!!!


  1. Fabulous job! I have had that happen several times with "junk spaces." I'm always amazed when I discover that I didn't need to keep ANY of that stuff there.

    And how wonderful to have a place for the things you DID need to store!

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. I'm a new follower! Love to find blogs about real people. :) I love Nony and she's such an inspiration. :) I know exactly how you feel with the new drawer for dishtowels! I did that as well, now I actually have rooms for dish cloths in one and towels in the other! I even threw out the ratty ones and got nice new pretty ones. :) I totally need to get back into the decluttering though. It's starting to win the war again.