Sunday, May 29, 2011

Make My Day!

This is me. I decided that it is up to me to live my best life possible. I want to keep up with my expectations of me. Some people have it all together. I am not one of those people. I live each day and end it thinking I could have done better but mostly feeling tired and worn out and not very proud. I made a list of my daily to dos that would MAKE MY DAY. They aren't spectacular...just so so stuff. I can make this change and I am going to do it.

Here is my list.

6 am. Go walking and take a shower and get dressed with make up and shoes for people.
Everyday I say I will start exercising and I never get to it. Now I will do it first before breakfast. And showering...yes I need to write it down. I do get dressed, but it isn't really dressed for people, I mean so many times I am not even showered so my clothing is usually like an old shirt and some jeans and no socks.  No, I am not kidding.

7am. Make Breakfast and Beds.
I would feel better about myself if I made the kids breakfast. My kids eat cereal and peanut butter crackers for breakfast...which is okay, but I want to make breakfast for them. At least I will make my own if they want to continue with their routines, but I will be available for making breakfast. :)

8am. Cleaning the House.
Oddly I don't see my house as that bad, but still not as good as it could be. I am going to start taking pictures of before and after and really see how much more I can improve. I love taking pictures and I am pretty good about avoiding rooms with hot spots. An hour of dedicated housecleaning everyday could really make my home look great. It would give me time for decorating too, which I don't really do much, I used to be very artistic and creative and I need to nurture that in me again.

9am. Watering the plants and feeding the dogs.
Gotta be done and I am putting it on the list.

10am. Have a morning snack. I know this would help my over-eating and my weight to have some fruit in the mornings. So, I will be adding fruit.

11am. Sit and watch my stories (LOL)
I always miss Dr. Oz. I get distracted with other things and I miss his show. I want to watch so it goes on the list!

12 pm. Make Lunch for me and the kids and clean up

1pm. Get meat dethawing for dinner.

2pm. Work-out with weights OR run shopping errands.

3pm. Have a protein rich snack

4pm. Read or Ride Bikes with the kids

5pm. Cooking Dinner

6pm. Eating and Clean-up

7pm. Last Clean up around house. Feed dogs.

8pm. Help girls start getting ready for bed

9pm. Shower and brush teeth and put on gown.

10 pm. Go to bed.

Change is good. I am ready to get it all done!

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