Monday, May 30, 2011

Here I am again. Posting a second blog. This morning I didn't get up and walk...I slept in. I need to start counting my food points but I don't want to during this week of Memorial Day and then we go to the beach. The girls are gone to their grandparents this week and I didn't have to make them breakfast. But, I made coffee for me and my husband. I cleaned up my bedroom and watered the plants.  We got lunch at Subway and ate it in the car.  We planted some new plants in planters. They were some weird plant that I didn't really like but my husband liked it and I gave in on it because it isn't really that big of a deal...still wish we would have just gotten purple petunias for the pots, but trying to not sweat the small stuff.

It is 5:20 pm and I am about to make us some dinner...I am thinking a can of beef stew and some bread. Simple and easy.

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